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Roles of Depository

Roles of Depository

Depositories are necessary for several reasons. They provide security for the bearer of financial instruments and provide liquidity in the market. They offer consumers a place to make both time and demand deposits. Due to the increase in the number and volumes of security transactions depositories were introduced. Dealing with securities in the physical form …

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The Advantages And Limitations Of Cost Accounting

Advantages And Limitations Of Cost Accounting

Cost accounting is central to any business operation. It provides important information for management decision making that is used in financial control and pricing amongst other important business decisions. Cost accounting is directly linked to matters of a business’s profitability. So we can understand how important cost accounting is to businesses. The advantages of cost …

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The Importance Of Industrial Relations

Importance Of Industrial Relations

Industrial relations has evolved from being a near non-existent practice to one of the most important elements in business today, perhaps the most important. Human capital is certainly a determinant of organisation success so the importance of industrial relations cannot be understated. From the dark ages of slave labour, regulation around employment has evolved to …

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Theories of Selling

Theories of Selling

Various theories of selling have been developed overtime.  There has been a lot of research by behavioural scientists regarding selling as an art or a science. As a result, different theories have been proposed. Some of these theories of selling include, AIDAS, the right situation theory and the buying formula, to name a few. What …

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